You may disagree, but a study has revealed that young men now prefer women with smaller breasts.

PornHub in collaboration with Mashable looked into the searches around boobs on their site.

They found that men between the 18-24 age range were 19% less likely than the average PornHub user to search for ‘boobs’, ‘tits’, or ‘breasts’ on the site.

Those between 25 to 34-year olds were 11% less likely, the study discovered.

But as people get older, they are more likely to search for boobs.

According to the study, those between 55-64 age group are 17% more likely than the average user to search for boobs on the site.

Meanwhile, when millennials do search for breasts, they are more likely than the older generation to search for fake breasts.

However, 55 to 64-year-olds prefer to search for real boobs.

In effect, these statistics show that millennials are perhaps not interested in boobs.


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